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Young Entrepreneur With Struggling Past Strives To Enhance Economic Status of T&T's Working Class


Second chances! Go get it attitude and the job done right, are a few words to describe business entrepreneur Shaquille Inniss. Ten years ago, Shaquille felt he was not in control of his own destiny and just rolled with the punches. Shaquille recalls his form five secondary school days. He attended San Fernando West Secondary while his blind grandmother, who he lived with depended on him for assistance. “The most important thing growing up was my grandma, when she woke in the morning, I was her eyes,” said Shaquille. He was the best aid someone could ask for, admitting that school was not on the top of his priority list, but still believed success waited ahead in his future. “Growing up I always had a drive for business,” said Shaquille. Every form five CXC student remembers that day, results day! moments leading up to your arrival to the results center seems as if time has been placed on hold. Students reflect on all the good times they had and wonder if they had too many good times and not enough studying time. The Pleasantville native was not pleased with the number of passes he received but didn’t let it deter his faith and returned to the drawing board, but this time at St Kevin’s College in 2011. Another blow to his confidence and future, “I still wasn’t that focused on school, “said Inniss. No new subjects were attained at the southern institution. Shaquille would attempt writing the January CXC exams for yet another time but 2012 would be different. There were no secondary teachers to help, as he was preparing and studying for his exams all by himself. “I made up my mind that I had to get it done, I kept hearing it everywhere I go that you need subjects,” said Shaquille He would ambitiously gain all the subjects he wrote, passing core areas such as Mathematics and English. Most importantly he studied and aced a subject that was never learned while he was attending secondary school. “I passed POB, my mom was the one that urged me to do it, she told me you like business and I see you as a businessman.” His mother Susanna David had the foreseeing ability, as Shaquille would fall into his destiny in time. Shaquille would land his first major job at TECU Credit Union, located on Southern Main road, San Fernando. He proudly carried the title of clerical assistance and said he enjoyed the startup position. He became fascinated by observing different local business owners who came into the establishment. The Former Old Tech student was never just a shy employee at TECU, but used his locality into the business to network with daily customers, gaining different forms of advice and secretly planning his own future. He was drawing the plans mentally his mom had seen in him that made her encourage her son to write POB during the CXC exams. Shaquille stayed at TECU from 2012 until 2017 but 2015 was the year he would make his visions leap from paper to reality. The push came from his life Coach, Trevor James.




“He had an interest in personal development and seeing people grow. He is pushing through with some intentional business steps to build himself and he’s a momentous goal setter and perseveres to gain his accomplishments,” said James. Shaquille took crucial information from Mr. James and went full speed ahead with making his business a reality. “He has a caring heart to help people who struggle in life, he is about exposing people to success and educating them to take their lives to the next level of freedom.” Inniss created SI Growth Global Network, his first business idea would come to fruition. The business is a self-development company designed to create success and prosperity consciousness in the lives of its members. "I want GGN to be the go-to company when you think about self-development with key issues of health, business, love, personal development, and earning income.



The business came with a number of struggles and disappointments but Inniss was determined to make his dreams a reality. His father Derek Inniss was always one step behind, making sure his son never gave up. "Daddy would always be someone I could count on, whether it's countless trips to the bank or always being a dependable ride to all my business meetings. I am truly grateful for his assistance throughout this entire process, to get the business up and running," said Shaquille. The young entrepreneur would face a number of obstacles in the execution phase of GGN's own website. Shaquille was working with a europian IT Technician, despite the huge time difference with Shaquille being in Trinidad, he got the job done exactly how he wanted it. "I can tell you about all my sleepless nights because I know this had to be done. I had to get my website up and running, failure was not an option." Shaquille pushed himself to the max because he left his prior job before the business was off the ground, as motivation that his business was the only way to success, there was nothing to return to. "I remember not sleeping for two days straight, just being up working with the technician but it was all worth it." This organization is unique to any other business operating in the twin-island republic, as it is multifaceted. Inniss created the life wheel and members will benefit from all the different areas listed below: 1. Finance and wealth 2. Health and fitness 3. Self-Image 4. Family 5. Love 6. Recreation 7. Social/friends 8. Personal growth 9. Contribution 10. Spirituality 11. Business career/studies Shaquille believes his duty is to ensure his members live life to the fullest by embracing the live wheel. “I want to strengthen all aspects of my customers daily livelihood, I want them to be happy and achieve what they desire in life,” said Shaquille. He wanted to create a business where people can grow themselves, achieve their goals, and have the ability to gain commission while doing it. He lives daily with the fact that many people have goals and dreams but never executes them. "I want my members to be different, "I aim for them to be attentional achievers."I do not consider my business to be just another way of making money but a community where members can do business with each other and manifest their potential” said Shaquille. Coach James believes that any and everyone should work alongside Shaquille no matter what area of their life they want to enhance. He’s seen Inniss grow over the years and by observes his caring and determined mindset. “His business is about exposing people to success and educating them to take their lives to the next level of freedom.” One may ask just how GGN works on a daily basis with its customers. STEP 1: Someone pays a monthly payment and becomes a member STEP 2: This member now has access to: • Your own back office, email notification on upcoming events, seminars, and workshops. • E-book library • Discounts on events and seminars • Earn monthly commissions through referrals. GGN Products Our eBooks are related to the following areas: • Personal Growth and development • Health and Fitness • Business and Finance • Relationship and Love GGN also works in partnership with QP Success, led by Inniss life coach Trevor James. GGN members will also have the rights to acquire: • Training – Guide members to building their GGN Business • Personal Development Seminars/Workshops • One-On-One Personal Development Coaching All these tools are designed to make the regular person who has a goal in mind to be a successful, fruitful business owner. “He is a visionary having a number of business ideas that will add value to life. He is intelligent, consistent, and enjoys seeing people happy," said James. Shaquille will like to partner with coaches and business owners in Trinidad and Tobago that can assist GGN members in developing themselves in a holistic manner from business, finance, family life, and their personal growth.