Becoming a member of the GGN Team proved to be the first of many positive decisions I would make for the year 2018. I immediately became affiliated with a group of like-minded, success-oriented, abundance-focused individuals who have applied tried, tested and confirmed success principles to their lives and we're making strides in all domains. By applying these same principles available on the website and by becoming an avid reader of recommended literature, I am finally progressing and blossoming into the person I only imagined I could become. After years of darkness, I’m seeing the light! To encounter personal growth as well as the potential for financial freedom is an awesome ‘combo’ for anyone who opens themselves to the G.G.N. experience. 


Coleen Carew-Regis




Life Empowering. Values have shifted....


I was invited to a meeting at the beginning of the year precisely, January 22nd, 2018 by my friend, a member Growth Global Network, Joanne Felix. I have to admit I was not excited to attend any meetings on a Monday afternoon after work. She didn't share much with me other than just come and listen. The meeting started and a lot of thoughts were going through my mind. Such as "oh my goodness another network marketing thing? Hmmm, what do I need to sell now? Wheel, circle? Personal growth! How is this going to help me?" Did I mention a lot was going through my mind?

At the end of the presentation, emotions were stirred, but I still wasn't totally convinced. I was impressed that the founder was young, but I questioned why should I trust this dude. After speaking with Mr. Shaquille Inniss and getting more information, I decided to invest into Growth Global Network. That night, Shaquille made sure I was entered into the system and it worked properly, lesson 1. I have to laugh in retrospect because that was all it took. Thirty-two minutes that's all it took for me to realize the shift.

My common way of response and reaction is different. I am encouraged in to new and better directions. New ventures, new and renewed ideas visions and goals. Having GGN in my life has restored and refreshed my way of thinking. Values have shifted and rearranged. I would recommend and have recommended GGN to others. And that doesn't even begin to say much about the compensation plans and earnings you receive being a member. The powerful seminars and life empowering one-on-one sessions are encouraging one's growth. 

Allow Growth Global Network, to be a part of your life. See and enjoy the abundant opportunities unveiled. No longer do you have to live life with unfulfilled goals or dreams. 


- You have nothing to lose, but a whole life to win. - Earl Nightingale.  

The wealth of information available within the company extends beyond the website. The morning messages, videos, and networking also play a critical role in the growth and development that the organization represents.



Being a part of a growing organization that promotes holistic development, that is Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual, my focus and drive for success has improved, empowering me to take the necessary steps to accomplish my personal goals and objectives all while potentially earning income. 


Tariq Shabazz Taylor