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 In accordance with the provisions of the Securities Act 2012 (''SA 2012''), SI Growth Global Network Limited (GGN) is not a pyramid scheme, based on its product of its Eboks


We wish to provide an update based on the current status of the country due to COVID 19 virus.

GGN is pleased to advise that the business continues it's operations and we are excited about the overall feedback received from existing members.

-GGN have decided to facilitate our weekly meetings using the online platform Zoom in order to decrease physical interaction. 

- The systems remain the same for sign up, payments etc.

- Be reminded that credit cards, and online banking can be used for payments, for convenience and reducing social interactions.

- Feel free to contact your Referral or the company for further details.


Our first priority remains the health and safety of all citizens of T&T and will continue to adhere to the guidelines outlined by the Government.


While we function with wisdom in taking all required precautions, stay in Faith, eliminate fear and choose to believe that all will be well.


Thank you for understanding and we encourage all to follow the guidelines set out by the Government to reduce risk of coming in contact with the virus.